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SUV-sized apartments, downtown location, “parking” included

Inside a SCADPad. (Savannah College of Art and Design)

With fewer people driving cars these days, city planners are exploring new uses for parking complexes. Why not turn them into hip studios for millennials who crave affordable urban lifestyles?

Fast Company’s Adele Peters reports that some enterprising students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) created prototypes for a tiny apartment that can squeeze into a single parking spot.

Each SCADpad is outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom and “flexible” space that doubles as the bedroom or living room. Three units were installed in a parking deck on the college’s Atlanta campus. The design could be appealing to twentysomethings willing to trade cramped interiors for central locations and terrific views.

According to the college, the apartments are a form of “adaptive reuse” that offers an alternative to wasteful demolition of parking structures. Peters notes that the apartments are easily added to existing garages.

The students estimate that parking complex owners who make the transition could double their revenue while offering rentals up to 40 percent cheaper than market rates. For visitors to Atlanta, the pads can be toured through June 1. Details are here. 

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