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India’s Modi envisions mix of new cities, upgrades

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pursuing a two-pronged urbanization strategy for India that involves building new cities and improving existing ones. (Narendra Modi/ flickr/ cc)

India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, is hedging his bets on the future of the nation’s urbanization. Rather than choose between new cities built from scratch and upgrades to existing ones, he’s pursuing both, Ravi Teja Sharma and Partha Ghosh report in India’s Economic Times.

State-of-the art satellite cities are envisioned for the outskirts of older metropolitan areas, which would receive much-needed overhauls of decaying infrastructure. Varanasi, Amritsar, Kolkata and Delhi are among the locations that may receive both forms of development.

The article notes that the satellite districts are part of Modi’s effort to build 100 “smart cities” across India. They would feature a mix of buses, trams, metro systems and bike lanes along with amenities not always available in developing regions, such as modern sanitation. As the Washington Post reported, Modi has been inspired by China’s large-scale infrastructure projects, but as chief minister of Gujurat, failed to implement ambitious plans for a high-tech metropolis. 

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